Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hey, it's all about me!

I mean: what’s a blog for if not megalomania? I’ve had a run of favorable press recently. First there was an interview in followspot, Portland’s leading theater blog, about PCS’s upcoming JAW Festival. Then there was a “hot seat” discussion in the July issue of PDXmagazine between myself and the glam Trisha Pancio Marketing Director at Artists Repertory Theatre and also President of the Portland Area Theatre Alliance) in which we opined about the future of Portland theater. And then too there are some new contributions to Lit Up!, an ongoing column on The Playwrights’ Center’s extremely informative website – a resource no playwright should be going without, by the way…..

… you see, it’s been a Festival of Dr Fun. And a nice boost of much-needed energy for me, as I veer recklessly into JAW mode……