Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Degrees of Separation

Something I love about life in a small town is that you get to enjoy small and frequent coincidences. Often you've heard all about someone prior to your actually encountering each other in person.

Case in point: my fabulous cousin, who is a frequent contributor to this blog, pointed out to me today that there's a cool web site created by artist Scott Wayne Indiana that documents a local phenomenom I described way, way back in the earliest day of this blog (which would be 11 months ago). Whilst trolling through 39 Forks, I discovered Scott is married to a terrific writer, Harvest Henderson, who I heard speak when she won an Oregon Literary Fellowship Award recently. Her acceptance was hilarious and effervescent and oddly moving, too. I'm always moved when someone says that recognition of their work validated who they already were anyway -- it always feels like a real "You've always had the power to go back to Kansas" moment.

You know......all those years I lived in Los Angeles, I don't think I ever once ran into someone I knew. Except when I went to theater, which doesn't count because the same 400 or so people always went to everything.

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