Thursday, April 8, 2010

Malcolm McLaren's next gig: shaking up Valhalla

Saddened today to hear of the passing of Malcolm McLaren, a supernova of a music producer who helped changed music forever during the Punk and New Wave movements back in the day. His clients included The Sex Pistols and Bow Wow Wow, among others. The po-mo mash-ups we take for granted nowadays have their roots in some of his visionary efforts.

This oh-so-80s video may give you pause, but give yourself a treat and just close your eyes, allowing yourself to be enshrouded by Mr. McLaren’s lush re-envisioning of a classic staple. This is from his 1984 album, FANS:


Greg said...

Wow. I remember this song very, very well. He was indeed a visionary.

tracy said...

thanks for posting this mead. i remember this song so well, and the exact time in my life i first heard it.
such a great mash up of this incredible aria and his work..

Stephen said...

He was a favorite of mine from a very special time in my life. Thanks for posting about him.