Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drammys, baby, Drammys

For purposes of the Drammy Awards, known informally as "Portland's largest cast party," the 2009-10 theater season came to a close on May 30, Memorial Day's Eve. And now this Monday evening, June 14, we gather to find which artists, theaters and productions are distinguished with acknowledgments of outstanding work. It's a fun, often moving and always uproarious evening of theater folk acting up. And this should be especially so this year, as hosted by Portland's answer to Cary Grant, Mike O'Connell of Third Rail fame. Or, well....think of Cary Grant's enduring good looks paired with the insouiance of Dennis the Menace and you'll have the right idea.

In fact the actual event looks something like this:

All year I look forward to the event, yet with mixed feelings; every single year it winds up that I'm thrilled about some awards, but also tied in knots for the nominations that didn't ultimately stick. Actually it's fairly hard to get a nomination to blossom into an actual award; 80% of those who saw the nomination in question need to vote "yes" to make it a reality. While this often frustrates the few who are passionate about that nomination, the good thing is that it keeps the ceremony from being diluted by awards that were strong-armed into being.

Kay Vega will receive the distinction of Lifetime Achievement Award for all she's accomplished at Lakewood Theatre Company. Beyond that I can only say: expect to be surprised.



When: June 14, 2010, 7pm (with pre-show social hours starting at 6pm)
Where: The Crystal Ballroom, 1332 West Burnside Street
Why: Because we love you


MattyZ said...

The Drammy Committee deserves some big love...there was huge range in the awards, and the choice of Mike O'Connell to host was inspired. Congrats and thank you - and the other committee members - for the difficult job you do! Great evening.

Mead said...

Thanks, MZ. I'll take the love, on behalf of my colleagues! It WAS a fun night,and I too was pleased with the range of the awards. That Outstanding Production, for ex, went to both the largest house and to one of the smallest. That's something you can't plan out in advance -- it's just the way the voting fell out -- so I have to love it when the cards come out that way. Thank you, St. Genesius!

Probably it surprised people that a number of awards went to small shows that were on few people's radar -- Re-Theatre's Teeth of the Sons, for example. But again, I think this is great. The Committee DOES see everything that's eligible, and if sometimes it happens that outstanding work is done in a tiny venue with no advertising clout by people not well known in the community, well....that deserves its applause no less than the more mainstream productions.

Hey, how about Hunt getting Outstanding Original Script? That warmed my cockles.

C A Wohlmut said...

It truly was one of the best ceremonies in years. Please pass my thanks and congratulations on to the committee. I'm sure there's already kvetching about who didn't win (and maybe over some who did) but really isn't there always?

And it's true you can go up AND down the grand staircase at ART.

Claire said...

I won't lie, that staircase joke KILLED me. I kept thinking of it all day today and giggling. "You can walk up AND down it!" Genius.