Monday, July 2, 2012


As Cousin Tabitha likes to sing around me, I once had a blog, or should I say, it once had me. ⓿ Basically this post is corollary to my previous one, to announce that as part of my accession to not one but TWO new jobs coming my way fast, I’ll be shuttering SuperScript soon. Along with its exponents: The Editing Room, the Facebook page, the Twitter account. ⓿ Originally I had hoped to keep the business going for favored fiction clients only, but with August around the corner, it’s already becoming clear that I’m going to be a tad preoccupied. ⓿ Hence this is my last post on Blogorrhea, the bloggling you thought had long since wheezed its last breath anyway. The only reason I scribble a final post at all, as opposed to just fading away and radiating, is that I tend toward ending rather than mending. And sometimes an Irish Goodbye just won't do. ⓿ AND ALSO: because I’ll be back. Taking a cue from the ingenious Miranda July, Blogorrhea will probably simply evolve into something else in the very near future. And then metamorphose again. ⓿ Meanwhile, for excellent regional arts coverage, you have many resources. Two of my favorites are truly superb: Oregon Arts Watch and Art Scatter. ⓿ For national forums on theater, you can’t do better than Parabasis and HowlRound. ⓿ Oh, and you’re welcome to visit my secret repository of groovy images, Thanatopsis, the off-site storage facility for (some of) those startling sharings that show up on my Facebook timeline. ⓿ Goodbye hello.


bob hicks said...

So long, Blogorrhea. We loved you. We'll miss you. We look forward to your phoenix rising in a new form. Thanks for the memories. See you on FB!

MaryMac said...

Blogorrhea, we hardly knew ye.

MaryMac said...

9 ssBlogorrhea, we hardly knew ye.

Steve Patterson said...

Thanks for the consistently engaging words, Mead, and for leading many of us headfirst into blogging. (Warning note: Mead Hunter is a gateway drug.) And, because I know your passion for music, it seems appropriate to send you off with a song....

"It's the last waltz
The last waltz with you
But that don't mean
The dance is over

It's the last waltz
The last waltz, we're through
But that don't mean
The party's over"
--The Band--

Greg M said...

Mead, congrats on the new jobs! Safe travels.

Eleanor said...

Can't wait to hear about your new job, new incarnation, new inspirations. Thanks for all you do.