Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hey There

You can blame Chris Reilly from Weiden+Kennedy; he's the one who convinced me that there's nothing inherently megalomaniacal about having a blog. It's just a digital diary, right? A virtual presence on the astral plane.

Still. I'm unconvinced, especially since these comments would seem to bear out the truism that all first diary entries are BORING.

List #1: Fears about blogging

1. This first post will turn out to be the last one I ever make.

2. Now everyone will know I'm as banal as they always assumed.

3. I'll turn into a brand name, like Betty Crocker or the Keebler Elves or George Bush.

4. Chris Reilly will sneer at my primitive graphic sense and expunge me from his friends list.

5. Now that I've exposed myself to public view, some practical joker will sign me up for Twitter.

6. Now that I've exposed myself to public view, no one will take any interest.

Go ahead, lurkers! Dare to be dull! Leave me a message and well, um -- we'll go from there.


JFpdx said...

I know you are not what you seem. But what am I?

Kristan said...

Okay, I've signed you up to Twitter now so that is one worst case scenario manifested and practically overcome already.

[kseemel] is eating gelato and walking to Claudia's.

Mead said...

Don't you think I know that??? I'm peering at the ClaudiaCam right now.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally stumbled on your blog looking for playland's in the area for my twins. Do you have a real job in the theatre or just a fan?

I think your fears of blogging are well founded.

How do I sign up for Twitter?

Mead said...

O yeah, it doesn't get more palpable...or audible...I'm the Literary Manager and also the Education Director at PCS. And oversee Outreach at PCS as well, which means that I am pretty much never not at work. It's exhausting. It's enervating. It's FUN.

As for Twitter, twitterdom will probably find YOU, now that you've expressed interest....but you can cut to the chase at And never be alone again!

It's insidiously free, by the way.