Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lit Up!

As part of an ongoing effort to make this blog useful to somebody (yep, my work ethic's as 19th century as the next guy's), I'm going to post referrals and opportunities for writers from time to time here.

Today's Useful Tip: the web site of the fabulous Playwrights' Center, of Mpls MN. Click on the link in the column to the right, under SPECIAL FOR YOU, and you'll be transported.

And -- lest I sound selfless -- once at the The PC site, check on the internal link to LIT UP, an ongoing column to which I am a contributor. Designed as a "forum for playwrights navigating the dark corners of the new play development world," LU offers practical tips, the occasional whiff of controversy, and glimpses into the fevered minds of certain notable literary managers, including, of course, MOI-MEME.

Currently posted: a few words on the never-ending controversy over play festivals and competitions that charge submission fees.

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