Friday, November 23, 2007

It's just a ride

Love out to playwright and director E. Hunter Spreen for this snippet from a rant from the eloquent Bill Hicks.


Harold Phillips said...

Hey Mead

A great Bill Hicks clip... one of my favorites, in fact. Not a recent one, though; Hicks was taken from us in 1994 (cancer, I believe). The sentiment, however, is universal.

In History of the World Part I, one of Mel Brooks' many characters was a "standup philosopher" in Nero's court. Hicks was one of those select few who would easily fit that description.

Mead said...

D'OH! Thanks for alerting me. I indulged in the solipsistic fallacy -- assuming that because something's new to ME, it's a big ole revelation to all.

Sorry to hear Bill Hicks left us, and so long ago, too. I'm just now getting acquainted with his humor, thanks to Ms Spreen. What did we ever do before YouTube?

Mead said...

PS: I graffitied my own post so as to look less foolish. Thanks again!

E. Hunter Spreen said...

I am happy that I introduced you to Hick. He's one of the reasons I made it through the 80's. There's a great documentary posted on youtube (here's the first of 7 parts).