Thursday, August 28, 2008

July in August

Just a guess, but I get that many of the visitors to this blog have already treated themselves to the scintillating prose of glam Portlandian Miranda July.

{Notice how I intimated a lovely compliment to moi-meme in there? Never miss in an opportunity to indulge in megalomania.}

Well, Miranda is not merely a brilliant novelist, she’s also a ceaseless space monkey who enjoys playing with all forms of media. This woman put the hyper in hyperlink. To slip into one of her many blogs is to give yourself up to hours of fun, with one digression leading to another until you can’t remember where you started.

Any place at random will do, but I’ll share one of my favorites. This has to be the best book promotion ever. Plus, if the sequence starts with an opening line that would make you continue reading if it were its own novel, wouldn't it? Crafty Miranda. So go ahead. Surf this now.

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Dot Hearn said...

A friend linked me to July in June *smile.* After viewing - or should I say participating in - the book's web promotion, I immediately went out and bought it. And read it. And loaned it to two friends. Love the stories!

Among the other adventures she inspires us with, is her 2005 movie, "You, Me, and Everyone We Know." Which I haven't yet seen. But will.