Saturday, August 2, 2008

You asked for it.

And now you’re gonna get it.

I mean all right already. In recent weeks I’ve lodged several complaints – well, good-natur’d enough complaints, but still – about the devolving content of this blog. In the main, the demurrers mention one or all of the following:

1. Too much stuff about theater in general.

2. Too much stuff about PCS specifically.

3. Not enough about you (you meaning ME).

As my friend Kim put it so crowcrastinaciously, “I signed up for pu pu, and I’m only get the won tons.”

Okay. Seems to me I may be forgiven for going on about JAW; it occupied nearly every minute of my waking consciousness for at least a month before it opened, and then, well. And also….why not admit it, the Festival was convenient for me, content-wise. It’s embarrassing to go on about oneself! It feels self-aggrandizing. No matter what I say or how I couch it, what I hear myself saying is best expressed by a song from Richard O’Brien and Jim Sharma’s underrated film Shock Treatment:

Deep in the heart of me
I love every part of me
All I can see in me
Is danger and destiny
I pray every day to me
And here’s what I say to me
This is the me of me
Me me me.

Now: I wouldn’t mind so much if I could manage to be as bracingly forthright as Josh Friedman’s blog, i find your lack of faith disturbing. Or if I could achieve the camera’s eye of Art Scatter, or the camera obscura effect of Splattworks. How can I live up to the perspicacity of Parabasis, the carnivalesque abandon of Bamboo Nation, the clinical eroticism of Roissy in DC or Jeffrey Jones’ erudition. I aspire to all the above, in different ways, but NooooOOOOOoooooo. I got nothing here, people. Just me. Me-meaning-me.

So here goes nothing.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

"It's embarrassing to go on oneself! It feels self-aggrandizing."

Um, well, Mead, that's the point.

So bring it.

Harold Phillips said...

Ah... screw 'em. You write about what interests you, about is captivating your attention at the moment. All blogs need not be about "What I found between my toes this morning - " in fact, I much prefer the ones that aren't.

I say to thee, Mead Hunter, full speed ahead. Write about that which you find amusing, encouraging, captivating, or mundane... we come here to read your writing about whatever that might happen to be. Sure, some stuff about you, your likes, dislikes, favorite pancakes at IHOP, whatever... that's nice. But really, it's the brains and thoughts of the man that bring us back. Whatever thoughts you choose to share with us, I won't be in the compaining category. Then again, I don't comment too often, so you'd hardly know if I was :)

And hey, your posts are a heck of a lot more high-brow than my recent treatese on the staying power of Sir Mix-A-Lot in the American Cultural Zeitgeist!

Anonymous said...

I agree with H.P. except that I would like to request a review of the blueberry cobbler.

E. Hunter Spreen said...

Wait. I think it all depends on what you find between your toes.

No seriously.

I find blogging like writing on two way mirror. As soon as I get overly concerned with the reflection the content becomes distorted.

All the blogs you mention work so well because they seem particular to each blogger. Each blogger manages to be both aware of the audience and of themselves without being overly self-conscious about the performance on either side.

I like Pu Pu platters because anything that combines fire with another activity instantly becomes more interesting and fun. I don't know where I'm going with that.

Anyway, however you want to go with the blog I'll be reading.

Mead said...

O lovely EHS! It warms my toes just to know you check in with me occasionally. Thank you! And thank you Prince, CC & Harold. Likewise I'm sure!