Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goddess Bless You, Diva!

Typically this blog gets 10-15 hits a day, which I consider not too shabby (as my sainted mother-in-law likes to say) for the inane ramblings of a theater geek. But recently it's jumped to an average of FIFTY daily visits.

How come? Credit where it's due, folks. One week ago today I blogged about Alec Egan's art opening, which was graciously hosted by the fabulous Kate Mulgrew. And it turns out that Kate can boast of a voracious fan base that misses nothing where she is concerned. We all know or assume we know how public a life of celebrity can be, but until now, I don't think I totally got it.

So thank you, Kate, for all the people you've brought to my blog, from Italy and Ireland and the United States Minor Outlying Islands that I didn't even know existed. Heaven only knows what they make of my pupu platter once they get here (they don't stay long once they've had their Kate fix), but hey, as Dr. Benjamin Spock used to say: attention is attention.

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