Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Whatever happened to Mr Mead, you ax?

PCS is keeping me so frantic these days that there hasn’t been time to blog, so … while you’re waiting for my next Epic of Massive Impact, check out these two amusingly droll promos for our two shows that just opened in rep: Amy Freed’s sweetly salacious The Beard of Avon and the Bard of Avon’s immortal Twelfth Night, both created by Patrick “Fun” Weishampel.


k. crow said...

Somehow the Beard of Avon and Twelfth Night promo seems a little blasse when compared to the messages in your little Abrapalabra box. A "Mr. Arms" is asking you to shake up his entire town in the window of an Emporium conjures most unchristian images.

I like being kept busy. You are a lucky gent, dear sir.

Mead said...

The devil you say, k.crow!