Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a small world after all

Someone visited this blog tonight from Kazakhstan. The glorious republic thereof. I came within a few hundreds of its Russian border two years ago, and was very curious about it. While in Siberia I met two different natives of Kazakhstan. One was a blond-haired, blue-ey’d man who looked just like Rolf from The Sound of Music. The other was a tall, dark-complected man with strongly Mongolian features who was so dark as to appear Ethiopian at first sight. In Yekaterinburg, where I was at the time, everyone stared at him.

Our Kazakh visitor of this evening (magically appearing here 13 hours into our future) was evidently searching for photos of The Addams Family, and was steered to my site thanks to the image on the October 9 post entitled “one sick mofo.”

God only knows what the guy made of it all. He didn’t stay long.


Steve Patterson said...

I had someone from Finland show up on my blog the other day. That had me going, what the hell's up with that? They came in on a reference to the Stones.

Go figure.


Patrick Wohlmut said...

I currently have regular visitors from Denver, Colorado, and Ontario, Canada. I know how the one from Ontario heard about my blog, but Denver?

Mead said...

And now, a fun add-on just for the likes of us, courtesy of the peripatetic Prince Gomolvilas:

PS to PW: I think I know who your Denver visitor is...there may be about one degree of separation there.

Steve Patterson said...

I get it from, which has a similar cool map of the world that shows you where visitors have come from. Dublin, Sydney, and Hong Kong have left me scratching my head but pleased. But Kazakhstan? That's kind of like having a UFO land in your back yard. Check for burn marks out back, Mead.

Patrick Wohlmut said...

Spill it, Mead. The suspense is killing me, here.