Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Portland girl makes good!

Tonight we finally got to see the climax of Project Runway’s 5th season, culminating as always with a lavish Bryant Park fashion show. The winner: PDXer Leanne Marshall, who took top honors for her frothy line of lighter-than-air couture collection.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that her success means Portland’s loss, at least for the immediate future. According to Olivia Barker, Leanne now

plans to move from Portland, Ore., to New York, hire a team "so that I don't have to sew 24 hours a day like I do now," and change the name of her label to Leanne Marshall. "I just think Leanimal didn't quite fit my line," she said. "People always asked if I did a lot of animal prints." Like her predecessor [Christan Siriano], she's hoping to stage a solo show at New York Fashion Week in February.

Miss you already, Leanne, but best of luck! Thanks for making us proud.


Susan Denning said...

I thought Leanne's collection was gorgeous. My daughter wants to meet her so I'm sad she's moving to New York but I certainly understand. You go Leanne! Make it work!

I don't know what I'm going to do without my Wednesday Project Runway fix!

Megan said...

I knew she was going to win. Yeah Portland, but everyone is always leaving us for New York. SIGH...
I'm so glad that I mean Tim Gunn got to be the guest judge. He made it work didn't he.

Mead said...

Yes, I suppose the move to Neuva York or LA was inevitable. But you know how I worry. Here she's a star, there she'll be just another struggling up-and-comer with a spare 100K to blow. But who knows, maybe she'll bring it all back home eventually.

And Susan, to scratch that Runway itch, I recommend Top Design, also on Bravo, mais oui. This semester is a colossal improvement over its first outing, and the judges are almost as dour and snarky as the ones on Top Chef!!

MattyZ said...

I love this girl! She is so creative - but filters her inspiration through intelligent thought and craft. Her leaving is irritating. Just like the theatre folk - use PDX to build a resume - and then leave... :(