Friday, November 7, 2008

Baragh O'Bama?

All right, just one more jubilant post-election posting and then I'll move on, I swear.

But guess what, Obama's "Irish." Inasmuch as his great-great-great grandfather came from the Old Country. I love that -- not only because I can claim him as a compatriot, but because this fact points up the absurdity of judging (or accepting or rejecting) anyone on the basis of their antecedents. Whether your ancestors came from Kenya, Kansas or Killarney, you're here now. We're all mutts and we might as well be proud of it.

Non e vero?


MattyZ said...

And I love that he referred to himself as a "mutt" when discussing the all important "dog" issue with reporters yesterday.

h e r e x a c t l y said...

the irish house is jumpin!

and the rhymes! dalai lama! vishnu, bhrama! neither apostrophe or inverted comma!

o' bama!
o' bama!
o' bama!

[shamrocks fall from the sky]

this is fantastic, mead.
i hear you about 'moving on' from celebratory obama posts, but let me tell you: the celebrating, the relief, the shoutin' out may go on for a while. and i think it should. it's the fuel that can help us do the work that needs doing. what better fuel than joy? we've all but forgotten that.


Anonymous said...

It's a new day and we have worked for it a very long time.

Let's hold this moment, thank all the ones who came before us, and think of the ones who'll continue after us.

Xtine, Mead, MattyZ, Prince, and all -- Let's close our eyes and let this good news: Really. Sink. In.

Mead said...

Don't I know it! And by the way, just for fun, I've replaced the video I originally posted here with a better one sent me by me sainted mother.

Anonymous said...

yay for sainted mothers!