Friday, November 21, 2008

Life on the A-list, part deux

I refer to Artistic staff, that A-list. Yes, we manage to have our fun. But it's not all about picking your favorite scripts and delineating the "deep tissue" of contemporary drama, you know. And lately we've had more than our share of budget meetings, planning sessions, and similar Gordian knots.

But anyway. Daily frustrations notwitstanding, this afternoon I heard tell of a new play by Timothy Daly entitled Derrida in Love. Isn't that a great title? Made me not just chortle, nor merely guffaw, but actually cacchinate.

And I was refreshed, and went on my way exulting.


Megan said...

umm. did you give me this play? I haven't seen this play. Mead stop hiding scripts from me. How am I supposed to do my job. It's like you want me to fail.

Mead said...

Dude, you know I'm totally Invested in your Success! We didn't receive this play, I just read about it on-line. A review of its premiere production. In Australia.

And now that that's cleared, I need to go back to reading you know what for you know whatever. Glad to see Pal Joey's doing better!