Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trust me on this

Don't miss this:

Storm Large


Crazy Enough

opens tomorrow night in the Ellen Bye Studio @ Portland Center Stage


MattyZ said...


I have to say that this post is the perfect illustration of how you put your artistic passions first.

After what this company has put you through - after this fiery shitball of a week - you still post a promo for a Portland Center Stage production, because you believe in Storm and her work and this show.

Classy, Mr. Mead.

And yes - from what we all experienced at JAW - this show is not to be missed. (I'll be there Sunday!)

Stephen said...

I saw it in workshop at JAW.
I look forward to the full production.
It shows true character to show no bitterness in your post.
Cool guy!

Nick said...

You have BALLS Mead.

Brian Peterson said...

I'm thrilled to see the show next friday night - looking forward to a great evening and we can expect great things from Storm - especially with her amazing voice, personality and ballz.