Thursday, April 23, 2009

We love you, you big BARD

Happy Solar Return to Mr. William Shakespeare.

Where would be we without you?

Or, for that matter, without Marlene Montooth, who has brightened our day with this charming image of our jackanapes poet.


Nick said...

His birthdate is merely a guess ya know Mead, only since the only hard core evidence of his birth is his baptism on the 26th. I only remember this because my birthday is tomorrow the 25th, (41, thank you) and there is a slim probability he could have been born on my day as well. Probably not, but we can only ponder. Regardless, he was still a Taurus. Go Bulls!

h e r e x a c t l y said...

taurus taurus
don't we love wills.

xo to the man hisself, or some other...

birth is a thing divine.