Friday, June 5, 2009

The Actor's Nightmare, for fun & profit

The insouciant and polytalented Xtine has published such a beguiling notice about the upcoming Anonymous Theatre event that I'm just going to reproduce it in full. (How conVEEEEEnient! Thanks, Xtine!)

NB>> this outrageous annual event takes place this Sunday ONLY. Miss it and be left out of the conversations discussing it all the rest of the year.


portland shakespeare lovers etc.!

the good and wacky people at theater vertigo and anonymous theater are producing a one night performance of MACBETH this sunday, june 7th at 7pm. gerding theater at the armory. (the new portland center stage)

the whole thing is cast in secrecy, with the actors showing up that night not knowing who they are going to do the play with. they just go for it. right there. real time. no rehearsal. one shot.

for the love of pete, can you believe someone thought this up?

come catch the madness this sunday!


protest this kind of actor torture by sending your cards and letters to the demented folks at anonymous theater! ;)

info here



keep listening

or, sidle up


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Okay, I am interested. I guess I do now have plans for Saturday night.


Sam said...

I wonder if there are plays where this type of production would add that extra element - like a play where none of the characters know each other, or there are few pre-existing relationships, or maybe a play where some of the characters know each other (and rehearse together) and some don't (and therefore are unknown to the rest until the night of the show)...

h e r e x a c t l y said...

just for you, darling. just for you. ;)

thanks for getting the word out. i know vertigo and anonymous will be glad for it.

more coming your way under separate cover...


Mead said...

Chris, you meant to write SUNDAY night, right? That's when Anonymous Theatre takes on The Tartans. I'll be on the lookout for you!

Nathan P. Gale said...

Hey Mead! The cast list has been posted on Theatre Vertigo's blog:

(Too big to post as a comment - the cast was huge!)