Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This just in!

Funnily enough, when I lived in Nueva York (this was way back in the 20th Century, before you were born), there was such a wealth of thrilling stuff to do all the time that I missed out on the majority of it. I just took it for granted; another raft of groovy events would be happening the following evening, after all.

That ain't necessarily so in lovely, verdant but sometimes quiescent Portland, Ore. When something big comes along, you get there FIRST. So if you're going to be here during the JAW Festival, put this item on your calendar right this minute. Because events like this don't come along every year.

Special panel open and free to the public!
Saturday, July 25, 11am to 1pm in the Ellyn Bye Studio Theater

PLAYS: The Art of Commissioning, Developing and Producing New Plays

Four east coast-based theater professionals discuss the process of giving playwrights money to write new plays; what goes into developing a new work; and planning and choosing a season.

Rose Riordan, Associate Artistic Director of Portland Center Stage, moderates a panel of experts including Paige Evans, Director, LCT3, New York(Stunning; Clay); Sarah Stern, Assoc. Artistic Director, Vineyard Theatre, New York (Avenue Q, God’s Ear); Jennifer Kiger, Assoc. Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven (Eurydice, Passion Play); and Mark Subias, SUBIAS, New York, Theatrical Agent (Will Eno, Itamar Moses, Sarah Treem).

Presumably, as with other JAW events, first come is first seated, so be there by 10:30 or forget it (the Ellen Bye Studio seats fewer than 200). You heard it here first!

By the way, the scintillating illustration above, by Matt the Samuraiis entitled "Twin Fire Fountains." The original, visible at DeviantART, is an animation. Just like you. Happy Fourth, toots!


Megan said...

You lie. You never lived in NY and if you did, it wasn't before I was born. But I did live in London before you were born and I had the same problem. Funny that.

Mead said...

How did you know I was speaking personally to you? Amazing.

And you're semi-right; inadvertently I was being semi-mendacious. In my New Haven days, my job at Theater Magazine had me going to NYC so often to meet with the designer that in retrospect, I really do think of myself of having lived there! Which I semi-did, once or twice each week. Well, many weeks.

Now aren't you glad we cleared that up.