Thursday, October 21, 2010

Talk about leading by example....


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...



col ceathair said...

I hope the kid in Minnesota
notices the President's wearing a lavender tie.

This is our President. We worked to elect him, and he's doing his job.

Thanks, Mead!

Mead said...

You are welcome, CC, and thanks for your support. I took a little heat for posting this link on Facebook, where it was pointed out that Obama's positions on gay marriage and DADT are retrograde.

And of course that does bite. But I'm shocked by those who elected Obama yet are ready to dump him at this critical stage. They're like a leftist version of Tea Party contrarians. It alarms me that there are plenty of alternatives out there to the current administration -- who are very scary indeed, and who make Obama's policies look downright benevolent.

The point about his It Gets Better video is that he (or at least a media-savvy aide) cared enough to make it. And it makes a difference out there that the video got made and got posted on the White House website, no matter what the motivations were.

Would Reagan or Cheney have done the same, perhaps in support of their own gay offspring? Not likely. And Bush II? Risible.