Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For Oregon artists only


In last year's round of fellowships awarded to writers by Literary Arts, playwrights did mighty fine. Of the 14 awards bestowed on an array of genres, an unprecedented THREE went to people writing for live performance: William Sam Gregory (a member emeritus of PlayGroup); Sue Mach, who is participating in JAW’s wild Commission! Commission! event this year; and John Frohnmayer, whose musical Spin uses his years as the head of the NEA as dramatic fodder.

So playwrights walked away with > 21% of the Oregon Literary Fellowships -- “not too shabby,” as my mother-in-law likes to say.

If you’re an Oregon resident and you’ve got a finished script, why not submit it to Literary Arts? There’s no application fee, and the application itself is E-Z. You might walk away with some fresh funds, and better yet, you gain the approbation of your peers and the attention of potential producers.

The deadline is coming up: June 27. (NB that's not a postmark deadline.) Apply here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for flagging, Mead!

One thing I noticed in application.

Due date is July 27 5 PM, and is not a postmark date.

They must have it by then.

Mead said...

Thanks, Win I appreciate the correction. And yes, the application must be in the office before 5 that day.