Sunday, June 8, 2008

Monday @ The Crystal

“Mead, what are you doing this Monday evening,” you ask. To which I say DUH, of course I’m going to be at the Drammy Awards, but of course.

The Drammy Committee’s mysterious website acknowledges that there will indeed be an awards ceremony, but to get the local buzz on it, you must visit followspot, the local blog for theater folk. There you’ll find the snide, the sniggly, the proud and the hopeful sparring off on the astral plane.

Sp FYI: The 2008 Drammy Awards are Monday, June 9, beginning at 6:00pm, at the Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W. Burnside. That’s Portland ORE.

Emcees for this year's ceremony are the legendary Vana and equally yet differently fabulous Eleanor O'Brien, a mother and daughter team whose combined behind-the-scenes knowledge of Portland theater will have some of us on tenterhooks all night. That's them in the above photo as they appeared in Collected Stories at Coho Productions.

The Drammy Award Ceremony is sponsored by PDX Magazine, The Portland Civic Theatre Guild, the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Bardy Trophy Company -- our heroes.

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