Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For fashionistas only

Some say the poplulation of the U.S. can divided into just two psychological profiles: them's that recognize the figure to the left, and those that do not.

Hint: the cat and the raccoon at the base of the bobblehead can be adjusted any way you like. Kind of like the outfit, in real life, once upon a very dirty mattress.

Why all this has recently invaded my consciousness (such as it is) will be revealed in a few days. Until then I'm going to be away at an undisclosed location with my art peeps. Really! Let me know what I missed at TBA.


k. crow said...


Edie's dressed for battle today, but why does her bobblehead have eyebrows?

Mead said...

KC, you never cease impressing me.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Who dat?

MattyZ said...

Can that be part of the scenic design at PCS next spring? Or mount them on the arm rests. Sell them in the lobby? :)

Anonymous said...

The original and extraordinary "I'm still your cousin."

Anonymous said...

What's-a-heaven-for department:

Mead, does your blog service provider have an optional search-within-this-blog function that could go on your blog's home page? Because I was looking for the right vocabulary word for something just now, and I know you have used it recently but now I can't find it.