Saturday, October 10, 2009

Because it’s October.

Plus it’s my birthday.

Witch’s Hat, by Robin Williamson

certainly the children have seen them
in quiet places where the moss grows green

coloured shells jangle together
the wind is cold the year is old the trees whisper together
and bend in the wind they lean

next week a monkey is coming to stay

if I was a witches hat
sitting on her head like a paraffin stove
I'd fly away and be a bat
across the air I would rove

stepping like a tightrope walker
putting one foot after another
wearing black cherries for rings


h e r e x a c t l y said...

lovely m,
i hear it's your birthday.

all hail to your libran keen sensing.
the delicate balance between this: and that.
seeking, calibrating grace.

respite from struggle because:
sensitive resolution is possible.

blessed be, libra.
our diplomat. artist. one who loves with a whole, whole heart....

Stephen said...

Happy Birthday, one day late!
Wishing you the best!