Thursday, October 15, 2009

PDX jiffy pops

In keeping with my latest dubious honorific as “the Tim Gunn of Portland theater,” here’s a few cultural kernels that are about to pop.

Tomorrow evening (Friday), Fool for Love opens at the CoHo, directed by the always fashion forward Megan Ward, and way to go, guys, for getting the splashy article in The Oregonian today.

Plus, the [First Annual?] Steven Dietz Festival rages on here. Recently Becky’s New Car opened to critical acclaim over at Artists Repertory Theatre, just barely in advance of Portland Playhouse’s popular production of Fiction.

The latter has the edge, however, with the playwright himself appearing after this Saturday evening’s performance for a post-play confabulation with none other than moi-même. But wait, there’s more! Earlier that same day at 2pm, ART hosts a staged reading coproduction of Yankee Tavern, Mr. Dietz's latest play. Portland hearts Steven.

Bonus gratuitous non sequitur

On the national front: apparently Balloon Boy’s not the one getting a spanking now. Bad dad!


Amenhowser stinky Villazan said...

Hey Mead!

Just wanted to add that Mr. Dietz will be joining us at Artists Rep for a post show discussion after "Becky's New Car" on Friday night (October 16th). Yay! Come one, come all!

Amaya Villazan :)

Mead said...

Steve gets around! Thanks, Amaya.

By the way, that's the redoubtable Mr. Dietz in the photo, not Tim Gunn. Or me. (I wish.)

Mead said...

I meant to write STEVEN, not Steve. Dang. In the blogosphere, typos are forever.