Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For Your Eyes Only

Portland Center Stage’s
Now Hear This
invites you to a concert reading of


a new play by Jason Grote


December 29, 2007
Noon to approximately 2 pm
@ Portland Center Stage
128 NW Eleventh Avenue (between Couch & Davis)

Admission is free, but space is very limited, so RSVP

Please call Megan Ward at (503) 445-3845 or e-mail
to reserve your seat


If you came to JAW last year, you’ll remember Jason Grote as the provocateur who brought us Box Americana. Jason writes smart, funny and imaginative dialogue that creates a world in which these vivid characters can play. His other plays include 1001, This Storm Is What We Call Progress, and Hamilton Township.

Maria/Stuart is a wild ride with a fabulously dysfunctional family. All families have secrets, but this one includes an inherited shapeshifting spook who faxes in unpleasant truths and has an unslakable thirst for soda. Grote uses Friedrich Schiller’s Maria Stuart as his inspiration, but the play is hardly an adaptation; it jumps off the deep end immediately to veer into terra incognita. Trust me, it’s a comedy!

Our outstanding cast includes:
JoAnn Johnson, Sharonlee McLean, Sarah Lucht, Karla Mason, Julie Jeske Murray and Chris Murray, with stage directions read by Stefan Kay


Megan said...

sweetie. sweeetie. that picture kills my eyes...i'm really freaking out on acid.

k. crow said...

That picture is like a bad car accident. I don't want to see it, but I just have to look. In fact, I cannot tear my eyes away and return to the finishing touches on this darn tootin' study guide I'm working on!

I'd love to come see this reading... alas!

k. crow said...

p.s. Sneaking in Maria/Stuart just weeks before her (not so) dear cos Queen Bess graces the stage in Beard? I see how you work, you clever fellow.

Mead said...

Diabolical, eh? And wait till you see what we've got for a follow-up in January. No wonder they say of us: They musn't carry out their evil plan!!