Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ye Olde Yule Log

Remember the never-ending fireplace show that WPIX used to air out of New York every holiday season? Endlessly looping round and round, in defiance of all dramatic expectation, it really was just a burning log crackling away in a fireplace. To the eternal accompaniment, naturally, of Christmas carols mit schlag. In the past I had many a late night visitor who sat with me in front of the TV, talking quietly and sipping something hot, while the Yule Log did its holiday thing in front of us.

No doubt at the time we thought we were all very po-mo and ironic, but was nice.

And actually there was some dramatic development. If you watched the screen assiduously and long enough, you would be rewarded by the sight of a hand -- slowly emerging from the left of the screen, like an old-time vaudeville kill crook -- to adjust the log in the fire! Very exciting.

Now all you web-o-maniacs may enjoy the virtual Log from the comfort of your computer station. There are many versions available on YouTube; I've included the longest one I could find, but there are others that eschew the holiday tunes to provide you with the more elemental snap, crackle & pop of the fire itself.

Anyone know how to make a YouTube vid loop automatically, just like on the TV??

Happy Holidays, everybody.
With Love from

the mead

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Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this clip (see the archive) and there are shorter versions on YouTube as well: