Saturday, March 14, 2009

The History of Semiotics, Part 3


MattyZ said...

So - inspired to think of the PCS Third Floor bathrooms...

One such bathroom is missing its air freshener, citing the protection of those with sensitivities.

But there is also a sign stating its caffeine free.

Uh...what? You have no idea how many people I have asked about this.

h e r e x a c t l y said...

i sooooooooooo don't even get anywhere near this.
input does not program, logan 5!

Mead said...

Matt, I believe a pranskter is afoot at PCS. Following the appearance of the scent sensitivity notice, there appeared a placard underneath it thanking visitors for keeping the area gluten-free. Perhaps next I should declare it a snark-free zone?

Xtine: I was shocked to get your voicemail this evening. Until you identified yourself, I was sure it was Harvey Fierstein phoning. Please get your rest so the bad bugs can clear out of your throat!