Monday, March 2, 2009

Let’s laugh at how benighted people used to be

Ain’t it grand that this sort of thing is ancient history?


Steve Patterson said...

Stone classic. Change to a Bernard Hermann score and add Rod Serling's voice, and you have a page out of Burroughs. (You'd just have to linger on the empty stairwell a few moments until the screaming and thumping began.) The funniest but saddest thing I've seen in some time.

Remember kids...there are COMMUNISTS out there too! And DOPE fiends!

Unknown said...

They're right. Hitching a ride IS dangerous. I hitched a ride once with a guy who turned out to be an aggressive Mormon proselytizer. And I couldn't get out of the car for miles and miles!

MattyZ said...

This made me LMAO, you know... BUT sadly, even in progressive Portland, there are those who still think this way. A drama kid - YES, a drama kid...who is also a born again Christian...tried to sell a similar sentiment to the other drama kids just this other day - and in my presence - KNOWING I'm gay.