Monday, March 23, 2009

> > > test pattern > > >

Like my friend Isaac Butler over at Parabasis, as of late I've been suffering from a lapse of linguistical fecundity. More like a lack of drive, actually, perhaps as a homeopathic response to the constant influx of shrieking input, or because Saturn's contacting my Sun, or maybe it's the flowering cherry trees pouring pollen into my sinuses to do the tarantella there.

Don't give up on me, I'll be back TOOT SWEET. Meanwhile, please amuse yourself with this groovy video I've snatched from The Angry Anthropoid. See you real soon!


Prince Gomolvilas said...

Are you and Isaac starting a global conspiracy? Stop!

col ceathair said...

Just when Lent is over, now is when I'll be depriving myself of personal online contact until -- well, you know when until. I look forward to catching up with your blog after I'm back in circulation.

Go raibh maith agat. / Thanks.