Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slow fade

For anyone who may be interested, the Portland Dramaturgy Cabal is going away, since the original six members are split asunder these days by divergent interests. I'll leave the blog up for another few whiles, then expunge it. I've listed some good referrals there for anyone who wants to continue the conversations in others corner of cyberspace.

Meanwhile, here's a great moment from the history of playwriting. Just because.

And a belated shout out to ghost light for making me aware that many of Who's Afraid of Viriginia Woolf's most incendiary moments are available for viewing on YouTube -- mit subtitles, no less.


Anonymous said...

Fast fade. Slow fade. And now, no fade.

Mead said...

As always, CC, you are sardonic and practical at the same time! Your Irish genetic history triumphs again.