Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And on the 9th day they rested.

For the Equity-mandated day off, the entire JAW company, along with most of Portland Center Stage's staff, decamped for the Oregon Coast. An hour's drive transported us from Portlandia to Ecotopia's rocky, commanding coastline, viewed from high atop Ecola State Park.

The actual beach was a vertiginous mile-and-a-half hike through the woods, past woodland flowers and gurgling brooks and under majestically towering pines, then all of the sudden: the Pacific! As bracing, bone-chilling and gray-green as ever.

That's a few of the hike survivors up above, very glad to be gathered on the shore at last. From left to right, that's Carson, Megan, Burl Ives, Jessica, Ricardo and Stacia. And also that's Pal Joey at our feet, more concerned with the incoming ice-cold tide, all courtesy of photographer extraordinaire Christine Siltanen.

The hike back up the trail took much, much longer.

Thursday: penultimate day of rehearsals prior to Connie Congdon's playwriting Lab that evening and Commission! Commission! the following evening.


Anonymous said...

Vertiginous: thanks for that.

Mead said...

My pleasure, CC! And thank you too for pointing out the mendacious link to PCS. I've fixed it now, and I recommend making use of it soon, if you can, because as of this writing, it leads to a fun post about Marc Acito and Storm Large and their participation in Commission! Commission! this year.

Anonymous said...

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