Monday, July 21, 2008

The End Is Near

JAW formally concluded today with the day-long company post-mortem, in which all the JAW artists participate in a talkback similar to what we do with the general public after each mainstage reading. The difference, of course, is that the company has lived with these plays for at least ten days (or several months, for some of us), so it's a different level of discourse altogether.

The Festival itself is critiqued last of all. Lots of good ideas for JAW 2009, the eleventh-ever edition -- but more on that in due time.

Though I'd like to give you my own account of the Festival, I'm sleepier than a sea cucumber (very, very drowsy indeed)and I'm foregoing JAW's final event -- karaoke till dawn. So in lieu of my ramblings, I give you Marty Hughley's overview from The Oregonian. The photograph above, by Ross William Hamilton, is from that article -- it shows David Pichette and Laura Faye Smith reading in Carson Kreitzer's intensely moving play, Enchantment.

Enjoy. Over & Out,


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Patrick Wohlmut said...

David Pichette looks like Shelly Lipkin from the side. At least in this light. It's kinda freaky, as if Shelly were cloning himself.