Thursday, July 10, 2008

JAW rolls inexorably on!

JAW: Made in Oregon came to a gloriously off-the-rails finish this evening with Hunt Holman's crazy-ass epic, Willow Jade. Even before the reading started, we knew we were in for a nutty evening when Kelsey noticed a typo in the program. Hunt's bio started out" "The lays of Hunt Holman include Spanish Girl..." Ay yi yi.

What can I say. We. Play. Rough.

And now we press on, as all the out-of-town artists arrive on Friday to commence rehearsing the mainstage works in progress. But in case you couldn't make it to Made in Oregon, here's a glimpse of our first evening:


Steve Patterson said...

Best typo ever.

Anonymous said...

roll on you jawsters, roll on!