Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ecco, the latest vlog created for JAW by the fab Patrick Weishampel. I never seem to wind up in any of this because I'm a moving target at the Festival, or is it just because I'm pulchritudinously challenged, eh, PW???

If you look closely during the one of the canteen interviews, you can see supernova Storm Large gesticulating in the background, and then later rehearsing a bit of one of my favorite numbers from Crazy Enough. But mostly I'm glad this vid focuses so much on two of our "Promising Playwrights" -- grads of our Visions & Voices high school program. These writers spent all two weeks of the Festival working cheek by jowl alongside the professional writers, seeing how they grapple with their works in progress on the way to the Big Weekend. And the PP writers are working on their own plays all along -- curtain raisers, created especially for the Festival, that precede the full-lengths.

This morning, though, we're all on hiatus -- packing the sun block and heading to the stunning Oregon Coast to breathe in a few negative ions and otherwise decompress. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

please carry me over to the opposite side of where i'm standing. . . so I can be hearing her sing again!! Lovely.