Friday, January 30, 2009

Cafe Society debuts ce soir

This is little enough notice, c'est vrai, but just in case anyone's still reading this blog after my dilatory posting patterns of late, come on down to PCS this evening for a drink, a snack, some dish, and some camaraderie! Here's the official announcement.


Dear theater folks and friends,

Portland Center Stage and the Portland Area Theatre Alliance invite you to join us this Friday, January 30, for Cafe Society 2.0—a new monthly social gathering featuring music, lively conversation and cocktails, debuting in conjunction with the snazz-tastic Fertile Ground, the City-Wide Festival of New Works.

This veritable mingle-fest for Portland makers, doers, schemers and dreamers, offers a wunnerful-wunnerful opportunity to catch up with the scene, listen to the piano stylings of the redoubtable pianist Reece Marshburn and friends, and (who knows?!) maybe even sing a show-tune.

All-ages, free and open to the public. Drinks & refreshments available from the Armory Café. 5-7 pm in the Lobby, Gerding Theater at the Armory (128 NW Eleventh).

Hope to see you there -- in two hours.

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patsypalooza said...

ha. i love your posts, each and every one of them, and i would dilate in sympathy if i hadn't done it already, twice, and gotten "blessed" with a "miracle" each time. speaking of which, that's why i wasn't there friday, as it seems i am no longer in control of my own destiny.

BUT, while i must attend a rehearsal monday eve, i will attempt to operate as an independent individual immediately thereafter and join you to celebrate the wondrous Fertile Ground, which i love so much why don't i marry it.