Monday, January 19, 2009

My new philosophy for 2009

Yeah, I know we're nearly three weeks into the new year. So I've been busy, okay? Anyway: for you. And for me, who needs to hear it. Evidently. The evidence being this pillar-to-post busyness that is really starting to feel sooooo Mad Men.

Anyhow. You can ignore the visuals here, unless you're really into Doris Day (you're not, are you?). Just enjoy ... the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

I haven't even hit the "play" button but I think it's going to be Que Sera Sera.

But take heart, Mead! Yes we can-can!

Anonymous said...

Welllll! I'm glad to come back and find out I was ever so WRONG about your new philosophy. About being wrong I've gotta say que serĂ¡ serĂ¡!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like this wintry item:

Mead said...

Ah.....thank you. I've always loved that song. And while we're at it, I can't resist adding another old fave: