Friday, January 30, 2009


PlayGroup presents


by Althea Hukari, Shelly Lipkin, Ellen Margolis, Steve Patterson, Andrea Stolowitz, Patrick Wohlmut, Nick Zagone + Matthew B. Zrebski

directed by Matthew B. Zrebski

with the talents of Deirdre Atkinson, Ben Buckley, Timothy M. Hill and Lara Kobrin

8 playwrights. Each with a Portland location assigned by chance operation. The result: 8 short plays adding up to a kaliedoscopic portrait of Stumptown, Bridge City, The City of Roses, the City That Works, Greenlandia. The City of ..........

When: this coming Monday, February 2, 2009 @ 7:30pm

Where: The Gerding Theater, Portland Center Stage @ The Armory

Wny: The Fertile Ground Festival

Special tip for the hip: Open City leads directly to the fabulous Fertile Ground Festival closing night fete. Come for the art, stay for the hooch!

At left: the famed Fremont Bridge Troll. Which is actually in Seattle, not Portland, but who's counting.

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